It’s as easy as: 123 MRE PS

123 MRE PS

That, my dear friends, is the secret to sainthood.  Memorize it! :)

I was just listening to a wonderful sermon from the AudioSancto library, titled “How to Become a Saint: 123 MRE PS” and I really enjoyed it!

Now, I’m not going to tell you what the acronym means because the priest here does a good job of explaining it (better than I would ever do anyways) and I think you can take just 20 minutes to listen and find out.

If you’ve never heard of AudioSancto, I highly recommend checking out the site and listening often.  The site consists of Sunday sermons given by Catholic priests within the United States.  The sermons are not too long (between 10 and 30 minutes usually), to the point, and jam-packed with excellent, practical advice and information on quite a variety of different topics (I think I saw one on Harry Potter not too long ago…).  They generally upload at least one new sermon a week and the database goes back to 2003, so there is quite a lot to listen to!

While AudioSancto specifically requests to keep the priest’s names and parishes anonymous, I will tell you that if you’re lucky… you *might* run into a few familiar voices there too!

Go become a saint!

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One Response to It’s as easy as: 123 MRE PS

  1. Dixi says:

    Yes, Audio Sancto is a great resource! Wouldn’t it be great if the Institute Canons would record and upload their homilies too! We’d never need to listen to the radio! :)

    Also, I highly recommend the homily on Harry Potter!

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