Weight Problems


(This much of my life is going to Scotland!)

With my packing adventure underway, I’m realizing that I have been a terrible judge of size and weight.  Somehow, I have to take less than 50 lbs with me in my checked bag to Scotland and up until yesterday I was thinking:

“50lbs? No problem, that will be easy…..”

I’m an incredibly light packer!  Not to brag toooo much…. but…. usually people compliment me on packing for an entire week in half the space others do.  I thought I totally had this taken care of.  My clothes account for 90% of the stuff that is in my luggage.  The rest is relatively essential: school supplies, my laptop, a fair amount of textbooks and reading books.  Also a small handful of odds and ends which I would like to take with me: picture frames, sewing kit, electrical converters, other small random stuff…. like pliers… (don’t ask…).

So, (actually thinking ahead for once) the first thing I did was carefully and strategically place all my books (save 2 big textbooks), laptop, and any heavy electrical stuff into my backpack, so that didn’t count for any of the weight.  It was kind of like playing Tetris with all the different shapes and sizes of books I had.  After that, I started packing my suitcase.

I told myself I was only packing 4 items in each clothes category (at the maximum, most of my categories ended up with 3): sweaters, warm and cool shirts, skirts, nicer clothes for Sunday, ect.  I only have one pair of each: shoes (which I’ll be wearing), dress shoes, and warm boots.  When I was finished there was still quite a bit of room left.  Even after I put in my ginormous winter coat, scarf, and gloves for when it gets cold.

For moving my life to another country, I think I did pretty darn good.

Feeling kind of proud of myself I go get the scale from the bathroom and I weigh my luggage to see where I’m at and…

*drumroll please*

58 lbs!  Ya… Wait… what!?!

58 lbs?  That’s more than 50… I have to take 8 lbs of stuff out?!?  I was in utter shock and didn’t even know where to start!  I guess when you’re *only* packing thick, warm clothing, the weight adds up pretty quick.  In my defense, I’m also pretty sure that if I went with a smaller suitcase I could have saved myself a good 5 lbs on that alone.

I really didn’t want to take out the only textbook I had in there because I didn’t want to ship it.  It was 5lb, but I was already shipping another 8lb one.  But I had to take something out, so I started to stuff some more things in my backpack.  Which was also bit of a struggle, since most of the odds and ends in there were stuff that I couldn’t put into a carryon.  Anyways…

I put a change of clothes in there…  I’d probably want that anyway.

57 lbs.

I put a pack of pencils and pens in there…

56 lbs.

Really?  I’m carrying an equal weight of pens and pencils compared to a change of clothes?  Ok then…

I took a few little notebooks, packets, paper stuff I had and put them in…

54 lbs.

At this point I decided to leave some more of my clothes behind.  There were a few I could get by without and I can always shop there if I needed to.  And…

48lbs!!! SUCCESS!

Well almost… then I turned around and realized that when I was throwing out some clothes, I had taken out my 4lb winter coat and forgot to put it back in.  Ugh.

So, I gave in and took the textbook out so I could put my coat back….

Oh well… I just hope I didn’t forget anything that I’m currently using right now, or I’ll be doing this all over again Monday night!

Saints Christopher and Raphael, ora pro nobis!!!

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