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Notes from the National Sursum Corda

At the request of a reader, for those who were unable to attend, and (most especially) so I don’t have to copy my notes anymore… I decided to write about Canon Stein’s talk on Street Apologetics from the National Sursum … Continue reading

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Interactions with Scottish Catholics

Well… my immune system finally imploded with the new environments I’ve been in for the past week, and I’ve come down with enough misery to keep me lying in bed for the last day and a half. But… the good … Continue reading

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Quick announcement

I’ve had a few people talk to me the past week or so about my blog and I wanted to quickly mention 2 things: 1. In case you didn’t know, you can actually follow my blog via email! Somewhere on … Continue reading

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Shrine of Saints Peter, Paul, and Philomena

I’m *almost* to a point where I can get regular WIFI access at our hotel in the evening, and the last few days have been on trains, busses, and wasting time during layovers.  SO!  I have had time to write … Continue reading

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Same Language, New Customs

Wow being a different country is very interesting, much more so that I expected.  I guess since both the US and UK speak English, I always assumed our culture would be relatively similar.  In some aspects, I was right, but … Continue reading

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Our Crosses Teach Us to Love

Here I am… sitting in my plane somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean… trying super hard not to freak out at all the turbulence that is causing my computer to bounce up and down.  To be honest, it’s a little entertaining … Continue reading

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Weight Problems

(This much of my life is going to Scotland!) With my packing adventure underway, I’m realizing that I have been a terrible judge of size and weight.  Somehow, I have to take less than 50 lbs with me in my checked bag to … Continue reading

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“I’m sorry… what?”

I finally got my hearing aids back from the shop after not having *either* them for almost 2 weeks!! In the 14 years I have had them, I don’t think this had ever happened to me before… and let me tell you, … Continue reading

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Long-distance Relationships

5 DAYS!!! ajkl;adfsk;jdsfacvxioj;wendsklj;!?!?! (pardon my little outburst there) I can’t believe I leave for Scotland in only 5 days! The good news is I have absolutely everything I need to leave.  Yay!  I have my passport, visa, housing arrangements, warm … Continue reading

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